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GEPCO Bill Calculator 2023 – Unit Rates & GEPCO Tariff Guide – Best Guide

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The GEPCO bill calculator can assist you to understand or obtain a better sense of your monthly expenditures by revealing how many energy units you use that month. The amount of energy you consumed and the price per unit indicated in their tariff guide are used to compute your GEPCO bill calculation. Simply provide the 14-digit GEPCO reference number, and you’ll be taken to the GEPCO bill online in no time. Look for your account’s reference number in the upper-left corner of any old bill copy.

With just a little effort, customers may now verify their electricity bill amount simply by using GEPCO Bill Calculator. This is because the calculator may compute how much you will be charged each month based on your tariff, connection type, and usage over a specific month. Because of this, it’s easy to see how much more or less expensive their monthly bill will be depending on any modifications they make to their electrical appliances.

Please enter your 14-digit GEPCO reference number to double-check your electricity bill amount. The reference number is used to perform GEPCO online bill check.

GEPCO Bill Calculator

The GEPCO electricity bill calculator is meant to give an estimate of the consumer’s anticipated monthly payment amount based on the connection type installed at their property. This will be based on a tariff sheet associated with the consumer’s property and their past electricity usage for an accurate predictor of their GEPCO bill amount.

To get started with GEPCO bill calculation, enter your 14-digit reference number found in your last bill copy into the box below to start checking your GEPCO bills online. The reference number can be in the upper-right-hand corner of any recent invoices from the company. The GEPCO unit calculator is a tool for customers who are terrible at arithmetic or simply want an idea of their electricity expense fast.

The GEPCO bill calculation formula aids consumers in predicting their anticipated cost of service based on the units they utilize each month. You can check your GEPCO electricity bill amount simply by using GEPCO Bill Calculator. This is because they (calculator) might compute how much you’ll be charged each month based on your tariff and units consumed.

Electricity Calculator Pakistan

The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has created a simple electricity calculator for Pakistan that will help you estimate how much energy your household devices consume. Calculating potential energy and cost savings are just a few of the additional advantages provided by these calculators. While purchasing an appliance, you’ll be able to make an educated decision based on the information provided.

Calculate Electricity Bill From Meter Reading

Reading your GEPCO digital meter is critical. It allows the customer to see how much electricity they are utilizing. It’s always simple to read meters; there’s no need to be afraid since it’s all secure. On your digital meter screen, digits appear in the form of a sequence.

GEPCO Bill Calculator

Most commonly they include

  1. Your Meter’s serial number
  2. Total units used in (KWh)
  3. Previous maximum load
  4. Current maximum load
  5. And instantaneous load

Simply read the numbers on the digital meter with a unit KWh shown on the GEPCO meter to read your GEPCO units used in that month. After reading the number in kWh, you will receive the number of units consumed in a month. Fill out this GEPCO bill calculator based on how many times you use your appliances each month and what type of connection you have at home.

The online GEPCO bill calculator will provide you with a real-time estimate of your monthly electricity cost.

GEPCO Bill Calculator

GEPCO Tariff Guide

The term “tariff” refers to the prices, charges, and other requirements set by a GEPCO for the generation and supply of electricity to consumers. The government will approve the GEPCO tariff and notify customers about it. According To Government Regulations, GEPCO Unit rates may Rise or Fall in Tariffs.

It is also available online for some connection types explicitly. GEPCO electricity tariff helps us get the knowledge of the current GEPCO electricity rates so we can maintain our budget accordingly and calculate bills beforehand.

GEPCO Change of Tariff 

  • The consumer will need to apply for an energy tariff change at least 30 days before they want it activated.
  • To request a change in your tariff, please submit the necessary documents and apply to GEPCO customer care executives.
  • GEPCO will approve any changes to the tariff if the customer submits the form with the required information within 30 days after receiving it.

GEPCO Mis-Use Of Tariff  

You should not be using the connection to do anything other than that for which it was originally intended. In case you do – we reserve the right to take action against you, including disconnection and/or penalization.

GEPCO shall serve 7 days’ notice to consumers facing sanctions after misusing their approved/sanctioned tariffs. This new tariff will allow GEPCO to collect the difference of charges that have been lost. If there are no documents to go on, then the maximum period of these charges will be determined by GEPCO.

GEPCO Residential Tariff Unit Rates

Sr. No.Tariff Category / ParticularsFixed Charges Rs/KW/MUniform Tariff Variable Charges Rs/KWhApplicable Variable Charges Rs/KWh
a)For load less than 5kW   
 Up to fifty units4.002.00
 For consumption exceeding fifty units   
 001-100 units13.855.76
 101-200 units15.868.11
 201-300 units16.8310.20
 301-700 units18.5417.60
 Above seven hundred units20.9420.70
b)For load 5kW and above PeakOff-PeakPeakOff-peak
 Time of use19.3312.8020.7014.38

GEPCO Commercial Tariff Unit Rates

Sr. No. Tariff category / Particulars Fixed charges


Uniform tariff variable charges


Applicable variable Charges


    A E D
a) For load less than 5kW   19.26 18.00
b) For load 5kW and above 400.00 18.01 19.68
      Peak Off-Peak Peak Off-peak
  Time of use 20.09 13.48 21.60 15.63

GEPCO Industrial Tariff Unit Rates

Sr. No. Tariff category / Particulars Fixed charges


Uniform tariff variable charges


Applicable variable Charges


    A E D
a) Up to 25kW   18.32 15.28
b) Exceeding 25-500 kW 400.00 15.79 14.78
  Time of use   Peak Off-Peak Peak Off-peak
  Up to 25 kW   20.14 13.46 18.84 13.28
  Exceeding 25-500 kW 400 19.93 13.23 18.78 13.07
  For all loads up to 5000 kW 380 20.39 12.61 18.78 12.98
  For All loads at 66,132 kV and above 360 20.27 13.25 18.78 12.88

GEPCO Consumer Profile

GEPCO created a consumer profile where the consumer can log in to their account with their login credentials and view their old bills history, Paid bills, and all the information related to them when they submitted during applying for GEPCO’s new connection. All the information related to their old bills is stored in separate tables, i.e., the Consumer data table where all the login credentials are stored. This is not to be confused with users, because consumers have different kinds of profiles, i.e., Industrial consumers having industrial connections, etc.

There are certain cases when the billing process does not go through successfully and data needs to be processed further for example consumer pays half the amount initially then the balance after some time, this transaction should be logged properly so that it can be used for further verification purposes.

Bill data table stores all the information related to the bill payment, like the date of payment, the amount paid. Then there is the bill transaction table which contains logs about how much money has been refunded or deducted if any.

GEPCO New Connection

GEPCO provides its application and power supply contract forms in Urdu and English languages. Both formats are available for free at all GEPCO offices as well as online.

  • To be accepted for a GEPCO connection, you must complete an application and submit copies of your completed work.
  • If you have any queries, please contact one of the GEPCO employees and they’ll be pleased to assist you.
  • If you want to communicate with GEPCO, you must submit an application at their office. They will then send you an Acknowledgement of the Receipt.

GEPCO New Connection Fee

When a GEPCO new connection is established then the GEPCO meter charges depend upon the type of service they applied for. GEPCO’s new connection fee is also calculated knowing the service type for which the consumer has applied.

GEPCO Online Registration

The customer will have more control over his electricity bill, he can track it on cloud applications, he will be able to get alerts about any changes in the bill, and an online bill payment facility will enable him to pay at any time or date.


  1. Q. How To Calculate Electricity Bills From Meter Readings?

    To calculate the electricity bill, firstly select the connection type, amount of the unit consumed, and lastly, the Taxes.


Using the GEPCO bill calculation you can get the estimated GEPCO bill. It is easy to use and takes a few minutes to calculate your bills, and you may do it from anywhere with no specialized equipment. The GEPCO Electricity Bill Calculator provides the customer with an estimated GEPCO bill.

The GEPCO Bill Calculator requires the amount of the unit consumed, connection type, and additional Taxes e.g. GST, TV Fees, and a few other taxes.

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