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Register GEPCO Complaint Cell Online 2023- GEPCO

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GEPCO is the only Distribution Company in Punjab that is generating electricity from its Gas Turbines. GEPCO Gujranwala was established in the year 1998 by the Government of Pakistan through an administrative order issued by General Pervez Musharraf. GEPCO’s complaint system has made consumers register and report their complaints online through various methods. In this article, we are going to discuss how the consumers will be able to report GRPCO complaints.

To fulfill the rising need for electricity in Pakistan, GEPCO is building several new energy generation projects to ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply. In the event of a problem with their electricity connections or any other aspect of the GEPCO power supply, customers may use the GEPCO helpline. They can also report electricity-related problems through the GEPCO complaint number with the help of a phone.

GEPCO Complaint Cell

GEPCO online complaint can be registered by following these steps:

  1. Open your internet browser (Google).
  2. Type “register GEPCO complaint online
  3. On the website, you will see a GEPCO complaint form.
  4. Enter your 14-digit reference number provided to you on your GEPCO bill.
  5. And type in your complaint in the text box for complaint registration provided in the GEPCO complaint form.
  6. You can also use the GEPCO complaint email to email GEPCO online about the issue related to your electricity connection.
  7. GEPCO online complaint tracking can also be done to check your GEPCO Complaint status.

The GEPCO complaint number or contact number is “055-9200579”. The GEPCO helpline number is a simple method for electricity consumers of Pakistan to submit online GEPCO complaints regarding their electric service concerns and check the status of the problem if work has been done. You may also register your electricity-related issues.

You may submit a formal complaint to GEPCO by following these steps: Open your internet browser (e.g., Google). In the search bar, type “GEPCO complaint form” and click on the option that appears (“Complain about telecommunication services”).

Fill in an online form with your 14-digit reference number received when you registered or send an email to them to notify them of your electricity-related problem. and check the status of the complaint you’ve filed.

  • GEPCO complaint number LALA MUSA CITY: 053-7510912
  • GEPCO helpline number Gujrat: 053-3524955
  • GEPCO contact number Sialkot: 052-6520359

Complaint Regarding New Connections

GEPCO Complaints in respect of non-availability of Application and Power Supply Contract (A&PSC) and other material, delay in issuance of Demand Notices, etc. shall be attended properly and connections given as per procedure and schedule laid down in relevant chapter (s). 

Complaint Regarding Billing

(a) Common billing complaints including but not limited to the following shall be entertained for redressal /reply within the time as given below:

  1. Errors in bills arising from wrong meter readings, wrong calculation of charges, etc. (within 7 days from the receipt of complaint).
  2. Tariff changes. (Within 30 days from the receipt of complaint)
  3. Defective meters (within 2 billing cycles for meters charged under defective code).
  4. Wrong application of surcharge, e.g., late receipt of bank scrolls or loss of a scroll (within 3 days of receipt of complaint).
  5. Adjustments arising on various matters including the extension of due date and waiver of surcharge (within 3 days from the receipt of complaint).
  6. There is rarely enough time to prepare bills and the data doesn’t reach the GEPCO Computer Centre in time. As a result, bills can’t be sent out clearly 7 days before they need to be paid – this slows down the process and can cause issues with consumers. In such cases, the Officers of GEPCO can extend the date under powers delegated to them.
  7. Bills calculated on an average basis are usually on the higher side which needs reconsideration and correction from the next higher authority (within 15 days from the receipt of complaint).
  8. Detection bills are prepared on the basis and for a period not acceptable to the consumers (if referred to GEPCO decision within 15 days from the date of receipt of request).
  9. Energy theft detection bills are issued on mere assumptions or reasons which cannot be attributed to the complainant’s involvement in an illegal act.
  10. Wrong billing due to wrong meter reading (within 3 days from the receipt of complaint).
  11. For consumers who have recently been connected, it usually takes 2 billing cycles for their first bill to show up. The rates should be as expected, and the minimum delay is 2 months from the date of connection. If delivered later, it should have an appropriate slab corresponding to the number of months for which the accumulated reading bill was delivered).
  12. The inclusion of the relevant payment amount in next month’s bill will be included in this month’s paycheck. Bank officers and revenue officers can amend the bills (same day) upon presentation of the last paid bill.
  13. Arithmetical errors are common, ROs/SDOs are competent to correct them on the spot.
  14. Late delivery of bills: According to the reverse side of monthly bills, GEPCO Officers can extend the date according to powers delegated to them.
  15. Issuance of the duplicate bill: SDOs, ROs, and In-charge Customer Services Centers are all competent to issue the duplicate bills. (Same Day). Consumers having a web-enabled mobile phone or personal computer with internet can also download the electricity bills from the GEPCO’s website
  16. After the implementation of MCOs, it became evident that late intimation of input data and delayed implementation is a commonalities. The need for debt recovery mechanisms like debt recovery units (DRUs), intuitive combined with the effective system is paramount to prevent load shedding in such scenarios.

(b) If you have any billing-related GEPCO complaints, register them in the Sub Divisional Office, Consumer Service Center, or One-Window Operation in GEPCO offices. You will be given a date for rectifying the complaint within some time frame. All these complaints shall also be monitored by GEPCO Complaint Cells.

There is a time frame for the redressal of each complaint. The performance appraisal of all such complaints will be carried out at the end of every year. if customers have any complaints that GEPCO haven’t been able to deal with, they’re encouraged to contact the NEPRA

Complaint Regarding Failure Of Electricity Supply

(a) Common GEPCO complaints regarding the failure of electric supply are mentioned as below:

  1. Individual complaints of consumers regarding failure/fluctuation of supply voltage other complaints of technical nature which can be rectified locally.
  2. A group of consumers has complained about a faulty 11 kV feeder line.
  3. A group of consumers has complained about a fuse blown up on the 11 kV side of the distribution transformer.
  4. A group of consumers has complained of damage to the distribution transformer.
  5. It has been noticed that more than the usual amount of 11 kV feeders is tripping.
  6. Branches of trees touching with the 11 kV/LT conductors.
  7. Defects in 11 kV/LT jumpers, insulation, etc.
  8. The collision of kites with 11 kV/LT power lines
  9. Many consumers complain about the leakage current in structures and equipment.
  10. There might be a problem with the building wiring and the electrical current is low.

GEPCO Contact Number

GEPCO’s contact number is a useful way for GEPCO customers to register and discuss their electricity-related concerns in a timely and efficient manner. As one of Pakistan’s most trusted and reputable providers, GEPCO strives to keep its clients always pleased with its services. Here are the numbers for the GEPCO complaint.

GEPCO Helpline Number


GEPCO Complaint number

GEPCO Bill SMS Service

GEPCO bill complaints can be submitted using SMS services, which allows you to stay in touch and helps you deal with your electricity problem.

To make checking your bill easier, GEPCO introduced the GEPCO bill SMS alert

service. Simply go to the site, fill in your reference number and mobile number in the 92XXXXXXXXX format, and you’ll receive your GEPCO bill by SMS. And it’s free!

GEPCO Bill Inquiry

GEPCO online bill inquiry can be done through the reference number as only the 14-digit GEPCO reference number is required to get the GEPCO bill online. You cannot check it by your name or any other personal information. If you don’t know the reference number, you can find it in the top left section of any old bill copy.

You can enter the reference number you were given to generate GEPCO online bills and find your latest GEPCO bill. GEPCO searches for the bill and gives you the last bill if it’s not available. Hence GEPCO bill inquiry can be done easily in your home without any assistance required.

GEPCO Bill Duplicate Inquiry

If consumers don’t know how to find their old bills or they want to duplicate their current bills, GEPCO assists with that too. To generate your GEPCO duplicate bills, a unique 14-digit reference number is provided to the users of GEPCO. The GEPCO bill is also an important document since it displays the number of your outstanding dues. You just need to enter your 14-digit GEPCO reference number on the website and here you can check your recent GEPCO bill amount, Due date, and see the whole bill. 

People tend to duplicate GEPCO bills and prefer to have GEPCO online duplicate bills printed on their devices. They can have the hard copy of their bill through GEPCO duplicate bill print.

GEPCO online duplicate bills can also be downloaded and printed on any device from the website. If you want to recheck your old bills then this facility is also available, and you can download your GEPCO old duplicate bill as well from the GEPCO reference number.

If you did not receive your GEPCO bill copy, then you can download it from here. You can enter your reference number and check the new bill then download or print a GEPCO duplicate bill copy.

Still, if the consumer has any kind of problem-related to their GEPCO bill prints or downloading duplicates of their bills they can contact the GEPCO helpline to resolve their issues.


Customers of GEPCO can register for electricity by visiting their nearest GEPCO center or going to the company’s website. After being a GEPCO member or customer, customers may now submit any outstanding issues with their electricity bills online. The registration procedure for GEPCO bill SMS is a method that GEPCO employs to aid its clients. People can use this method to register their complaints with GEPCO online complaints. You may also track your complaint using the website if you have already submitted it through your phone number or SMS.

GEPCO’s contact number is a useful way for GEPCO customers to register and discuss their electricity-related concerns in a timely and efficient manner. As one of Pakistan’s most trusted and reputable providers, GEPCO strives to keep its clients always delighted with its services.

The GEPCO contact number can be dialed at any time of day or night, seven days a week. During daytime hours, the facility is manned by experienced operators who will ensure all calls are handled efficiently and professionally. GEPCO’s customer service telephone number also operates on a 24-hour basis during weekends, so you can contact GEPCO and feel free to discuss your issues with GEPCO.

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