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GEPCO New Connection – GEPCO Demand Notice – Best Guide 2023

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GEPCO encourages its users to avail of this opportunity to apply for a new connection. It can help the consumers in the installation of a GEPCO new connection through the proper channel. GEPCO involves the reference code, meter installation number, and company name in the notice. So that the applicants should have a clear idea about their GEPCO new connection and meter charges.

Although GEPCO demand notice asks for a CNIC or tracking ID, the rules, and regulations of GEPCO require some essential information be provided, such as a passport or CNIC, to keep track of service costs. Once payment verification has taken place, the officer in charge of installing the meter on customer premises may begin GEPCO new connection tracking through GEPCO’s helpline. Customers can also check their GEPCO new connection status by calling the GEPCO helpline.

GEPCO New Connection Application Procedure

In the past, the procedure for the installation of GEPCO new connection was very hectic and time-consuming. People need to go to the office of GEPCO to fill out the application form. Then they had to submit the particulars and get them attested. Then the staff from GEPCO used to pay a visit to the customer’s house to make sure that every information in the application form was accurate. Then the customer had to pay the fees in the bank. Then he used to get a GEPCO new connection

GEPCO New Connection Application Form

  • GEPCO provides both application and electric supply agreement forms in Urdu and English. Both versions are accessible for free at all GEPCO offices as well as online.
  • To be eligible for a GEPCO new connection, you’ll need to fill out the application and send them copies of your completed work.
  • If you have any queries, please contact any of the GEPCO personnel, and they’ll be happy to help.
  • If you want to establish connections with GEPCO, you have to fill out the application at their office. This way they will send an Acknowledgement of receipt.

Documents To Be Attached With Application Form

Documents to be attached with the Application and Power Supply Contract are as follows

  • To apply, a certificate showing ownership of the premises in which the connection is to take place must be submitted.
  • The owner of the property swears that he has no prior connection with the land for which a connection is sought and will pay any outstanding fees concerning any previous connections should there be any.
  • The issue of the “No Objection Certificate” (if the applicant is a tenant) will be dealt with by the landlord.
  • Attested copies of CNICs of the applicant and two witnesses
  • The power of attorney (in case of a Company), in favor of the applicant to the effect that the applicant is authorized to sign the application and execute the agreement on behalf of the Company.
  • According to the law, if the connection is made in the name of an incorporated company, you will need to produce documents proving incorporation.
  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Resolution of Board of Directors authorizing a person to sign and execute the application and agreement form;
  • The charge creation certificate issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is equivalent to the amount of security.
  • List of directors with complete addresses and copies of their computerized national identity cards.
  • Available site plan of industry/premises where the connection is required.
  • A certificate from the Revenue Office, GEPCO stating that no arrears exist against the premises and proof of ownership/NOC must be presented in case of a change of name/extension or reduction in load. In the case of extension/reduction of power, a wiring test report would be required.

Approval of Applicant’s Installation

As a result of the prior-notice provision, before any electrical wiring or energy-consuming meter is connected to GEPCO’s distribution system, it will have to be inspected and tested by GEPCO. No new connection made by GEPCO to the system may be accepted until it has been fully evaluated.

Approval of Applicant's Installation for GEPCO New Connection

GEPCO Meter Installation?

Meter Location

  • The consumer must make their premises safe and accessible to GEPCO so that installing the meter on their property is possible.
  • GEPCO will install the meters at a reasonable height so you can more easily access them without needing to use any tools.
  • For multi-floor buildings, the meters of all consumers residing in that building should be installed at one location on the boundary of the building.
  • The GEPCO has the right to relocate and position metering equipment at any time to conform with the Schedule of Tariffs in force at the time, as well as consumer eligibility criteria, 2003.
  • At any time, a customer may want their meter relocated to a different location on their property, they must give the GEPCO seven days’ notice. The consumer should also justify the move. After its approval, the GEPCO may relocate metering equipment upon payment of such shifting fees as specified in a demand notice from the company

GEPCO Meter Installation

  • The GEPCO will strive to install the meters at the highest industry standards.
  • All meters should be installed on a non-flammable board in a true vertical position. This way, water won’t enter through the meters, cabinets, or any other possibility.
  • The meter connection devices in a multi-occupancy building must be labeled, tagged, or stenciled with the complete address and location of the area served (e.g., apartment number or office name) as well as the customer for which the metering equipment is being installed.
  • The first step is to install wall mounting brackets. This should be done on a floor joist with two-by-four framing members if possible. Before inserting any equipment or wiring within the bracket, make sure they are secure.
  • “For meters in multiple or grouped metering configurations, conductors from the power source shall be continuous from the last meter to the meter terminals.”

GEPCO Meter Replacement

Once you replace a meter, contact your energy provider. If they discover any issues caused by the previous meter, they will take responsibility and you will not be charged.

Pre-Existing Metering Doubts

If you ever have doubts about any pre-existing metering equipment, the GEPCO may choose to go ahead and install a calibrated and tested metering device in series with the old equipment to determine the difference in consumption or maximum demand recorded by the check metering equipment and that record over a fixed period by the impugned metering. And if the GEPCO finds no evidence of any malfunctions or alterations to the impugned metering equipment, it will install a “correct meter” without delay.

Where the GEPCO is unable to install check metering equipment of appropriate capacity in series with the impugned metering equipment due to lack of such equipment, they shall consider installing in parallel but with a differential in voltage to check the accuracy of measurements after informing the client in writing. The GEPCO shall test the impugned meter.

Impugned Meter

Following a test, it should be determined that the disputed metering equipment should be replaced and placed in a more visible and accessible location, with the words “notice: impugned meter” posted. If a meter is unobtainable after the expiration of the time during which you are entitled to obtain one for free, your charging multiplier shall be increased accordingly.

Damaged Meter – Displays Incorrect Reading

 If your meter becomes damaged or displays an incorrect reading, you will not be charged more than two monthly payments. Bills will be calculated based on 100% of your energy use in the same month last year. We’ll calculate it based on one of the above options if there isn’t enough information available.

Only GEPCO employees will be able to decide if a meter is defective. Consumers can challenge the status of their defective power meter, and corporations should provide resources to allow for this. If possible, GEPCO will send someone to the consumer’s residence with a checker meter or rotary substandard meter accompanied by an engineer.

Written Notice To GEPCO

You should submit a written notice to GEPCO and inform them of any metering equipment work that has been undertaken on your property. This includes new meters or repairs to existing equipment. GEPCO will not remove the impugned meters from the consumer’s property until a test of those meters has been conducted at the consumer’s address. when measured with an impugned metering device or through a Rotary Standard or electric power analyzer and the result has been determined by his test.

Meter Changing Fee

 When a consumer is not satisfied with his meter accuracy, they can tell the GEPCO in writing that he desires the Meter checked in his presence. Upon receiving such a request, the GEPCO will issue a meter changing fee for checking of said meter and will check it.

Within seven working days after receiving payment of the changing fee, a calibrated check meter in series with or else accompanied by an engineer from the GEPCO’s metering and testing laboratory will be installed to verify the said meter’s accuracy. If the measuring instrument shows that it is being used out of calibration, it must be changed. GEPCO must immediately credit the aggrieved consumer with the appropriate amount of excessive charges incurred.

GEPCO New Connection Fee

GEPCO new connection fee depends on different factors. Upon receipt of your form and documents, GEPCO will issue a registration PIN. This is to allow the applicant to refer to for further processing etc. the application will be evaluated/processed and approved as per the provisions of Consumer Eligibility Criteria, Grid Code, and Distribution Code (where applicable).

Then people need to be sure that when they’re sending notices, they always do it by registered post or courier. If the beneficiary doesn’t accept the notice personally (which they may), then you’ll need to obtain a receipt for it. To pay for this GEPCO new connection, show the notice to the branch of a designated bank. The bank must receive payment as per the notice and provide an acknowledgment receipt etc.

  1. As soon as you make the payment mentioned in the demand notices, a potential consumer (you) can sign your power supply contract with GEPCO.
  2. GEPCO will take into account the demand notices that have been paid and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections to each application that’s exempt under GEPCO’s policies.

GEPCO Contact Number

Customers of GEPCO can use the 24/7 contact number to register and discuss their electricity-related issues in a timely and efficient manner. GEPCO strives to keep its clients happy by delivering high-quality services. The GEPCO employees possess the expertise to deal with a variety of issues, from gepco new connection, policy inquiries to billing solutions.

In addition, GEPCO has established a department dedicated solely to resolving consumer emergencies. The team works around the clock seven days a week. GEPCO’s contact number will help you to reach the customer care representative within no time. Customers who want to discuss their complaints with the GEPCO representatives can call at one of the following numbers:

GEPCO Head Office Complaint Numbers



GEPCO encourages its users to avail of this opportunity to apply for a GEPCO new connection. It can help the consumers in the installation of a gepco new connection through the proper channel. The notice contains the reference code, meter installation number, and business name. As a result, applicants should be aware of their connection and metering charges so that they could make an informed decision. GEPCO demand notice call for certain essential information to be supplied, including a passport or CNIC to keep track of service expenses.

As soon as the consumer makes the payment mentioned in the demand notices, the consumer can sign their power supply contract with GEPCO. GEPCO will take into account the demand notices that have been paid and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections to each application that’s exempt under GEPCO’s policies. As soon as payment verification is done, GEPCO new connection tracking can be executed through the officer who is assigned the task to install the meter on the consumer’s premises. Or through the GEPCO helpline, the consumer can confirm the current status of their GEPCO new connection.

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